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What is mentoring?

Two heads think better than one.

If a person with more experience in the area in which you want to improve to lead your development, your evolution will be more efficient.

Mentoring can be understood as a process of personal or group orientation in which the mentor, who is a successful person, passes all his knowledge and experience, with the objective to make the mentorate accelerate its evolution and reach of its goals and objectives.

The beauty of mentoring is that you will lessen the effort. You will do much more with much less.

Above all it will help you dissolve the dilemmas initially quoted and generate a fantastic personal development.

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Brazilian leader who overcame his adversities

More than one million books sold;

30 written books;

60 years guiding people to high performance;

More than 5,000 mentored entrepreneurs;

Created the world's most innovative personal development network;

Work in 11 countries.


Check out the testimonials of some of these entrepreneurs:

Manoela Pinheiro - Stylist

Henrique Viana - Entrepreneur

Alexandre Mantovani - Poker Player

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